S10 Lite Receives OneUI 2.5 Update After Being Left Out

Sep 05, 2020 News

S10 Lite Receives OneUI 2.5 Update After Being Left Out

Samsung isn’t really all about that longevity on its devices, as it officially confirms only 2 years of complete Android OS jumps as compared to other manufacturers in the race, such as Google, OnePlus and Apple - who offer 3 or more years in comparison. However, that doesn’t mean the Korean manufacturer leaves its older phones in the dust. A few days ago, we saw the S10 lineup of devices receive the latest OneUI 2.5 update - but the S10 lite was left behind for the update, as Samsung did not bring the update for it. However, now the update for the S10 lite has been announced as well, and the new OneUI 2.5 will be coming out to the lower-end version of the flagship series.

The OneUI 2.5 update for the S10 lite hasn’t really arrived with any patch notes of some sort to explain all the updates on board - but it’s expected that it won’t be receiving all the updates that the other S10 phones have - including but not limited to the Pro Video mode. The update does improve some aspects of the camera though, including bringing sound to Motion Videos. Moreover, Google’s navigation gestures will also now be compatible with third party launchers - something that wasn’t possible previously.

The update is currently live in Spain, and will come to phones globally soon. If you don’t know whether or not you have gotten the update for yourself, just go to Settings > Software update to check if the new OneUI 2.5 update has arrived for you or not.

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