ROG 3 Phone Specs Leaked

Jun 16, 2020 News

ROG 3 Phone Specs Leaked

ASUS' ROG lineup of devices consists of heavily gaming oriented electronics made for gamers so that their experience is smooth and all the heavy work is done by ASUS. However, we're here to talk only about their ROG series of phones, which have gotten some name for them over the previous 2 iterations. Designed to appeal to the gamer market, the phone's design is aggressive on the back, with liquid cooling and of course - RGB lighting, the identity of every gamer. These phones are known to be packed with power and performance, and to give users the best possible gaming experience on a mobile device. Now, we also have the leaked specs of upcoming ROG 3 phone, and it looks pretty promising.

The ROG 3 will sport a Snapdragon 865, of course only the latest and greatest from Snapdragon. It doesn't end there though, as we've also heard rumours about the phone clocking up to about 3 GHz, which will be insane if ASUS manages to make it work. Moreover, we'll get to see a 6.59" FHD+ AMOLED display, which we can expect to be plenty bright with punchy colors and deep blacks. The phone will be quite heavy though, as it's expected to weigh around 240g, which is significantly heavier than some of its direct competitors such as the S20+ and S20 Ultra. 

The ROG 3 will also come with a rumoured 16 gigs of RAM, which is just insane to think of in a smartphone, but also sort of unnecessary as we feel that 6 or 8GB of RAM are more than enough to carry out most if not all tasks on a phone smoothly. The camera is receiving an addition lens, as we'll now get to see a triple camera setup on the back of the ROG 3 phone. You'll also get a humongous, 6000 mAh battery which will be more than enough for an easy 2 day usage period. 

We can't wait to check out the ROG 3 phone when it comes out, as it surely seems more powerful than ever. The price is expected to hover around the 1000 dollar mark, as is usually the case with powerful flagships. 

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