Realme 6 Review: Not Much Wrong Here!

Jun 05, 2020 Reviews

Realme 6 Review: Not Much Wrong Here!

The smartphone market is now more fierce than ever before, and it's that sweet mid-range spot that's been seeing the most competition by far. This is a good situation for people who want to buy mid-rangers, because thanks to so much competition and options available in the segment, prices are way lower than they used to be, and you get a lot more than what you bargain for at the price. Flagship tier performance, good screens, top-notch battery units; it's all included in almost every single mid-tier device nowadays. Previously, this segment of the smartphone market was mainly dominated by the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei and even OnePlus not so long ago. However, with the addition of Realme to the race as well, there might be a new sheriff in town. Realme has been on the rise for the last couple of years or so, and has seen significant popularity and support from users and tech reviewers alike - mainly because of how much bang for its buck it provides. The Realme 6 is no different either, and we'll show you why this device is one of the best at this price range. 

Design & Build

Realme 6 has a great design when it comes to looks, but we fear it won't serve to be as sturdy or resilient to drops or scratches. The phone comes with a glass front and a plastic back and frame, which is understandable for the price point, but we've seen better build qualities of phones at a similar price point or lower. Even though the phone houses a punch-hole front camera, and a glossy finish at the back, both of which make it look like a 2020 phone - it only features gorilla glass 3 in the front, which is way behind the standard at this point and time of smartphones. The Redmi Note 9 Pro/9s is a direct competitor to the Realme 6, but offers gorilla glass 5 on the front and back of the phone, which just means that it's going to be much more repellent to scratches or even drops. We also wish to see a different layout that the vertical quad camera setup in a singular module that we find on the Realme 6 - but that's just personal preference. The phone does look good, but you will have to make sure you protect it at all times. 

Moreover, you also get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which works great, and decent sounding loudspeakers on the bottom of the phone. The volume rockers and the power button feel cheap and plastic-y though - but it may or may not be an annoyance to you. All in all, the build quality is average for the price it comes with. 


The performance side of things are impressive to say the least on the Realme 6. The phone ships with a Snapdragon 720G SoC, which is a dedicated gaming chipset for the mid-range price segment. With the help of it, you can easily get around 270,000 antutu score, which is great for the price. You can run any task on the device, and social media usage will seem like a breeze. This is also assisted by the fact that Realme's ColorOS is close to stock android, so the overall feel of UI browsing will feel smooth. However, you will need to deal with tons of bloatware and irrelevant apps pre-installed on the phone. Moreover, you will be able to play most games on 40 FPS at medium to high graphic settings without noticing any lag or jitter whatsoever. You can bypass that, however, on games like PUBG by downloading a GFX Tool and setting the frame rates to 60 FPS. 


The display on the Realme 6 is great for the price, with a 6.5" IPS LCD display that gives nice and bright colors, with more than enough brightness. You get a PPI of 403 which helps the resolution of the display to look good. However, the main talking point of the screen is the fact that Realme included a 90Hz display at this price. This hasn't been seen on any other devices in this segment, and it's surely a feature to consider when going for a phone. 


The quad camera setup on the Realme 6 is quite good to be very honest, and beats most of its competition in the game. It features a 64MP main camera which takes 16MP shots by using pixel-binding technology. Moreover, you also get a 8MP ultra-wide sensor, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth sensor. The shots from the main camera come out great for the phone’s price, with images having plenty of detail, dynamic range and decent highlights as well. Colors are not oversaturated, and often represent the true situation at hand in real life. Moreover, the ultra-wide lens did see some drop in image quality and dynamic range, but the pictures looked worthy of posting on your socials. However, the main highlight of this camera is its night-mode capabilities. The night-mode on the Realme 6 works tremendously well, and helps reduce noise, increases sharpness, and just lights up the scenario amazingly well for the price. If you love taking aesthetic pictures at night, then this is your go-to phone for sure! 


The battery performance is top-tier from Realme as well for the price segment, as not only does it have a 4300 mAh battery unit that lasts well over a day and a half, it also supports a top-notch 30W fast charging, which will easily juice your phone up to 50% in less than 30 minutes. In the price range, most phones only support fast charging of upto 18W only, and that shows you how dedicated Realme is to providing its customers a great value for the price they’re paying for their phones. It is easily one of the best batteries on a device at this price. 


The Realme 6 is a top phone for the lower mid-range segment, and gives plenty of reasons for users to buy it, including great performance and cameras, above-par battery and a 90Hz refresh rate display. There are barely a couple of phones that can rival Realme 6’s value for money, hence we feel you won’t regret paying the price for this phone at all.

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