Renders Of S21 Surface - There's Going To Be One Significant Design Change

Oct 18, 2020 News

Renders Of S21 Surface - There's Going To Be One Significant Design Change

Samsung has had a roughly decent year in 2020, as they’ve released a handful of smartphones - fixed things where they needed to be fixed, and all in just worked on their brand. During the summers, Samsung lost its place to Huawei for the biggest phone manufacturer in the world - mostly due to the coronavirus taking place globally. However, recently, it hit the highest market share in recent times for smartphones at 22% - whereas Huawei dropped down to 16%, mostly due to the sanctions placed on them by the US.

This progress from Samsung is due to their level of production, and now we have leaks of a new Samsung flagship which might arrive by January of 2021. Yes, we’re talking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 - which Samsung is going to make available in a few months. Pigtou, a respected tipper has uploaded leaks of the S21, and there are some changes in the design aspect.


The biggest design change comes in the camera module - as Samsung has dropped the protruding module in the bank, and has switched to a system which seems to be mixing with the metal frames of the phone, and seamlessly integrating with the back of the device. The intricacy of the design is difficult to explain in words, so have a look for yourself. The rest seems to be the same to some degree, as the screen size is the same as the S20, at 6.2”. The phone dimensions are very similar as well.

We don’t know as of yet whether or not the phone will have a glass or plastic back, and if the screen is going to be curved or flat - amongst other things. However, the phone looks premium and every bit gorgeous - and we can’t wait for it to drop in a couple or so months.

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