Redmi will launch a new watch tomorrow

Nov 26, 2020 News

Redmi will launch a new watch tomorrow

Xiaomi has been one of the most successful manufacturers in the recent past, as it has climbed up to the third spot for the biggest manufacturers in the smartphone market, and looks to move further to the second spot as Huawei only seems to be spiralling downwards due to their own problems. Nonetheless, Xiaomi is looking to explore new horizons, as they're going to release a new smartwatch tomorrow in China, which seems to be an exciting step by the Chinese manufacturer in the right direction.

Xiaomi is going to be launching its updated Redmi Note 9 series, with 5G availability now, in the Chinese region, and along that we will get to see the new smartwatch from Xiaomi as well. Previously this was just considered to be a rumour, but it's been confirmed by the Xiaomi team on Weibo, as a teaser has been posted as well. 

mi watch

The image shows that the watch is going to have a square-ish or rectangular layout for the top, instead of the common circular watch face we've gotten used to by manufacturers. Moreover, the only other thing we can tell by the promotional post is that the watch will be lightweight as well. Other than that, there's no more specs or details about the phone mentioned by Xiaomi.

If things go to how they are being speculated, then the new watch could just as well be a rebranded version of the Mi Watch Lite we got to see on FCC a while back, with a 1.41" display, and other decent specs across the board. All in all, we can't to see what Xiaomi brings to the table with this one. 

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