Redmi Note 9 5G duo Releasing On November 24

Nov 18, 2020 News

Redmi Note 9 5G duo Releasing On November 24

The Redmi Note 9 series from Xiaomi have been extremely successful globally, with millions of units sold worldwide, as everyone has wanted to get their hands on the Redmi Note 9, 9s or 9 Pro due to the immense value they provide at the price point they come. It’s been phones like these that have helped Xiaomi catapult its way to the top end of the smartphone spectrum, being the 3rd biggest phone maker in the world, looking to grab the second spot as Huawei is slowly trickling downwards.

If you thought the Redmi Note 9 series could not get any better in value for money, then you’re wrong, because according to a recent TENAA listing, Xiaomi is looking to release another Redmi Note 9 duo as it will be more aligned to the current ways of the tech world.

The new phones will be the Redmi Note 9 5G, and the Note 9 Pro 5G - as both phones are looking to get an overdo with the inclusion of 5G, and of course considering the trend of 2020, a 5G phone doesn’t just mean that the same old phone was re-released with 5G connectivity. Instead, a phone is revamped majorly with the 5G version, and the same could be said here as well.

The Note 9 5G firstly will have its chipset changed, as it will go to a MediaTek Dimensity 800U now, with some other specs being a 5,000mAh battery unit, and a 48MP back camera installed as well. The Note 9 Pro 5G will take a different route, as it will go with a Snapdragon 750G now - a significant jump from the Snapdragon 720G in the old model. It will also have a 108MP camera at the back as well now, and plenty more color options in the bag too.

All in all, these phones look promising, and will definitely be given plenty of attention from consumers from the mid range market. The regular Note 9 5G will be available for around 170 dollars, and the Pro variant going for approximately 230.

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