Redmi Note 8 Pro Review: The Best Xiaomi Phone Ever?

Jul 05, 2020 Reviews

Redmi Note 8 Pro Review: The Best Xiaomi Phone Ever?

Xiaomi has been releasing hit after hit from the past few years, as they’ve cemented their place in the smartphone race. The company is well respected globally thanks to the quality of mobile phones they produce at a much cheaper price than its competitors. With releases like the K20 Pro and the Pocophone, the Chinese manufacturer has surely elevated its position in the market, all of which helped people put more trust in the company for their daily driver phones. The same story follows with the Redmi Note 8 Pro. This device is one of the best that Xiaomi has ever released, and it’s shocking to see how they’ve pulled it off at such a price. It has everything you need, and a lot more at just around 40,000 Pakistani Rupees. Let’s jump into our full review to see what all the hype is about in this phone.

Design & Build

The Note 8 Pro comes in a glass sandwich design that we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing - not that we’re complaining though. At first glance, you won’t be able to tell that this phone only costs 40k, because it really looks and feels like a premium device. The back and front are both covered with Gorilla Glass 5, which is impressive at this segment as well. The sides are plastic frames that are polished so that they look like metal - a clever design aspect opted by Xiaomi, and one that certainly adds to the overall feel of the phone. There’s a quad camera setup at the back, with the fingerprint sensor in the camera protrusion as well. You get average speakers and a USB-C port at the bottom. A headphone jack is also on board. Overall, the build quality on the Note 8 Pro makes it feel like a flagship device, and that’s a great first impression when using this phone.


The performance on the Note 8 Pro is absurd for this price. It shouldn’t be this good at all considering how cheap the device is. The phone rocks a MediaTek Helio G90T, which is a flagship chipset from the Taiwenese brand. Even though it may not be as consistent as a Snapdragon SoC, it still outperforms it almost all the time. Day to day tasks feel like a breeze on this device, and you’ll rarely ever experience a lag or stutter in this phone which is pleasant to see at this price. If you’re into heavy gaming, then again this phone is the best you can get at this price, or even at a much higher price - it’s that good. The phone has an Antutu score of about 300,000, which rivals many of the flagships from last year, even beating the Samsung S9. You can throw any heavy game on there like PUBG Mobile and it’ll run it at almost 60 frames per second at medium settings, or about 35-40 fps on high settings. This is almost flagship level performance at a fraction of the price, which is usually the case in all the aspects of this phone.

You can also expect regular software updates, as the phone is also going to get MIUI 12 early on in its release as well, so now’s a good time to buy this phone.


Display is maybe one of the only average things about this phone, and even then it’s not bad. You get a 1080p LCD panel with decent color reproduction. The phone gets plenty sharp, but it just doesn’t match with OLED screens at all. The brightness is just passable, with sunlight visibility being a pain in the neck. You might also have to set the screen settings initially and set a warmer tone, since the Note 8 Pro tends to show cooler colors right off the bat. However, it’s definitely not a bad display, and is one of the better LCD panels we’ve seen. It will also help you get better battery life which is obviously a plus point.


Redmi Note 8 Pro has an outstanding battery life, and perhaps one of the best we’ve seen in any phone. The 4500 mAh battery unit paired with the low resolution screen results in long-lasting phone usage even if you power through your day with heavy gaming and media streaming. You can easily get two days out of this phone with moderate usage, and a day and a half on heavy use. You can expect the Note 8 Pro to give at least 8-9 hours of screen-on time day in day out without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, the phone supports Quick Charge 3.0 and has an 18W charger right out of the box that will juice your phone up from 0 to 39% in 30 minutes. It isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it’s definitely doable thanks to how rarely you’ll have to charge your device.


Perhaps the biggest highlight of the Redmi Note 8 Pro along with its performance is its camera. The phone comes with a quad camera setup at the back, with a 64MP main shooter, 8MP ultra-wide, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth sensor.

The main shooter’s results show plenty of detail in the photos, with decent saturation and punchy colors. You can zoom in the pictures to see how much detail is actually captured, and it’s incredible to witness all that at such a price. Even the standard 16MP mode will give you great images and definitely some that you can post on social media. Moreover, the ultra-wide lens also gives out decent results, and when used right, you can create some funky angles and take aesthetic photos that your friends will definitely be impressed by. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the cameras was the macro lens, which gave out brilliant photos. It captures plenty of detail and allows you to get pretty close to the object. It shows that the inclusion of the macro sensor was more than just a gimmick by Xiaomi. Portrait shots also come out great, with decent edge detection and controllable back-ground blur. If you can manage to be skillful enough with the portrait mode, you may even capture DSLR-esque photos that could easily be your next display picture.


All in all, this is a great device for an extremely affordable price. It gives you enormous amounts of functionality without cutting off on the foundation of a good phone. We’d recommend this phone to anyone with a budget of 400-500 dollars, even though the phone costs about 250.

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