Redmi Note 7 Review: The Best Budget Phone?

Jun 19, 2020 Reviews

Redmi Note 7 Review: The Best Budget Phone?

Xiaomi has been right up there when it comes to making the best budget and mid-range devices in the market. The company has strongly penetrated the smartphone world and has done so by providing amazing bang-for-buck mobile devices that are sure to satisfy everyone regardless of their needs or wants, because their phones almost tick every major box, even in the budget region. Let’s talk more about the Redmi Note 7.

What We Liked

Almost Everything.

The Note 7 comes in at a screen size of 6.3”, which is ample enough for today’s standards and gets plenty bright too. Though it may not be the best screen in the world, it still is great at this price point. However, the biggest positive about this phone is the gaming aspect and the overall performance on the phone. The Redmi Note 7 has a Snapdragon 660 inside, and we do not know how Xiaomi has optimized this device, but it can do wonders, even with heavy games like PUBG Mobile. You can expect to play all your favourite games without noticing a single jitter or lag whatsoever. 

The camera department is another place where we feel Xiaomi outdid themselves. The camera setup is seriously impressive, as it captures great detail in well-lit conditions, and makes you feel like you’re capturing photos from an iPhone. Even the selfies are great, with the portrait selfies ending up way better than we expected, especially with the edge detection while blurring the background.

Moreover, the battery is going to be enough for you as well, with a 4,000 mAh battery unit able to keep your phone juiced for hours of usage without dying. You can easily get a day and a half out of this phone with moderate use, and a day with heavy usage like gaming and media consumption.

What We Didn’t Like

Well, we barely found anything to dislike in the phone. However, if we had to be picky then maybe we can point out a thing or two that could have been improved on. The screen, even though being decent, could’ve been a bit better since Huawei have been doing just that on their budget phones as well. We aren’t asking for an AMOLED at this price, but a better resolution screen would’ve been a lot better.

Moreover, we do feel like Xiaomi needs to update its software features a bit. They look outdated and bland and only if they take a slightly modernistic and minimal approach to their software game, they can really bring out the maximum potential out of their devices, and we wouldn’t be needing a “What We Didn’t Like” section in our reviews.


At the price point, the Redmi Note 7 is a fantastic phone to use and is easily the best phone there is right now for its price. It has a great camera system, amazing performance and a battery that will last you over a day. What more can a user need? Even if we add an extra 50 bucks on the price, we’d still think the phone is worth it.

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