Redmi Note 10 Spotted Online: Will Be 5G Enabled!

Sep 03, 2020 News

Redmi Note 10 Spotted Online: Will Be 5G Enabled!

Redmi has been one of the most successful mid range lineups the smartphone market has seen, with consumers going bonkers on the phones that have been released in the Redmi series. They cover the budget range all the way up to mid range, and they nail all the segments in the market. The previous phones that caught significant amounts of fame would be the Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Note 9 series. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the Note 8 Pro has been the most popular phone - not just in the Redmi series, but from Xiaomi altogether. You could even argue it has been one of the most known phones in the market out of all manufacturers - at least in the South Asian market it has.

Now, another addition is being speculated in the Redmi series, as the Redmi Note 10 was recently added to TENAA, a regulatory authority and provided us with some of the specs the phone might have. Perhaps the biggest change you'll notice in the upcoming Redmi phone will be that it's 5G enabled - unlike any of its predecessors. Moving on, the phone's expected to have a 6.57" OLED display - something Xiaomi hasn't really opted for in the past in its mid range devices. 

There are expected to be some downgrades from the Note 9 series - which is unexpected. The Note 10 is going to go back to the water drop notch as compared to the hole punch we saw on the Note 9 devices, something that'll raise a few eyebrows here and there. Moreover, the battery size is also going to get decreased, from a 5,000mAh unit to a 4,420mAh one - still pretty decent though. Moreover, the camera setup at the back also dials it back, with a triple camera array now as compared to the quad setup as seen previously.

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These changes certainly seem peculiar at first glance, but the company might be looking to change their priorities in a phone, as seen in the OLED display being chosen over the LCD screens of the past. Moreover, the Dimensity 820 series chipset is expected to be in the phone, which might serve as a boost from the 720G on the Note 9 phones. All in all, it seems like we might be in for a surprise with the Note 10, as things don't look like they're going to remain the same. 

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