Redmi 9 Power Review: A "Decent" Phone

Dec 27, 2020 Reviews

Redmi 9 Power Review: A "Decent" Phone

The one thing that makes smartphone manufacturers get to the top of the market share for smartphones all over the world, is perhaps making as many phone models in a year as possible - trying to target all sorts of different price points to get as many sales as possible. We saw this happening with Huawei at first, as it shot to the top of the biggest phone makers in the world with its huge variety of smartphones - and now Xiaomi is on the scene as well. A great example here would be the Redmi 9 Power at question today, as it’s almost an exact replica of the Redmi Note 9 4G which is being sold in China. Nonetheless, we’re going to review the phone and see if it’s a good fit for the price range.

Design & Build

Well, the back of the Redmi 9 Power can be a subjective choice for a lot of people, as it seems a little flashy, funky and very flamboyant to be frank. This sort of appearance can actually be appealing for some people, whereas others prefer a little more premiumness and things dialled down to be kept simple overall. The camera module is just like any other smartphone we’ve come across for the majority of this year, being an inspiration of the Samsung S20 series.

The display is decent for the price, with a 6.53” Full HD+ IPS LCD panel, which won’t look as good as an OLED screen might, but it still is more than decent for the price, and will get you a great performance in terms of media consumption. All in all, the design on the Redmi 9 Power is not too shabby to say the least.

redmi 9 power


The performance on the Redmi 9 Power is another case of being just average, with nothing too mind-blowing on the surface, neither will it stutter every other second. You get a Snapdragon 662 inside the phone, which isn’t the worst chipset there is, but it still is pretty low-end compared to all the 700 series from Snapdragon. You will face occasional stutters and lags during usage, but social media should be fine.

The cameras are mediocre as well, with a 48MP main camera turning out to be a decent photo-taker. You will be able to catch some good looking shots in well-lit conditions, but still you’ll find missing traces of that dynamic range that we’ve actually seen in similarly priced phones in the recent past. The dedicated night time mode does an okay-ish job as well, as shots will be just enough in quality, but nothing too much more than that.


The battery on the Redmi 9 Power is perhaps the one thing that absolutely kills it in terms of competition and performance, as you get a massive 6,000mAh battery unit that will surely last you at least 2 days of use with moderate usage conditions. You will not be able to kill this phone off in one day, no matter how hard you try. It’s great seeing lower end mid range phones implementing the big battery concept - something even flagships haven’t endorsed.

redmi 9 power


All in all, the Redmi 9 Power is indeed a decent phone, but nothing too fancy or eye-opening to be alert at all. Nonetheless, if you need just a day-to-day phone with not much power in it, then this could be a viable option.

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