Realme X50t Specs Revealed

Jun 12, 2020 News

Realme X50t Specs Revealed

Realme has been trying to disrupt the market for quite some time now, and has gained a significant amount of success in the smartphone game, especially the mid-range segment of smartphones. Realme recently released its X50 series of phones, and there were a total of 4 devices in it. However, a 5th version is soon to drop, and we've just gotten an update on the specs it will consist of. These specs appeared on Google Play Console, and are reported by


The new device will be known as the X50t 5G, and as shown in the specs, will house a Snapdragon 765, which is one of the best performing chips for the mid-range and upper mid-range area. It gives great performance and optimization whilst cutting down the costs that would be otherwise present in other flagship chipsets like the 855+ and 865 from Snapdragon. Moreover, you’ll get 6 gigs of RAM all based over the reliable Android 10. The screen will be a 6.5” LCD FHD+ panel and we’re hearing rumours that Realme is also going to make the panel be a 120Hz refresh rate one; something we hope Realme sticks with because of how it’s become the standard in 2020 and we’re spoiled now. 

The cameras will be a quad setup in the back, and dual lenses in the front too. The main shooter was expected to be a 64MP one, but according to the specs, it’s a 48MP one instead - which isn’t a deal breaker by any means because of the minimal difference between the two. You’ll also get the option of 30W fast charging on a 4100 mAh battery cell; we expect the battery performance to be on point with this one thanks to decent fast charging capabilities.

All in all, we expect the Realme X50t 5G to be a great device at a lower-than-the usual market price tag, being somewhere around 450-500 bucks. We can’t wait for the device to release so we can test it out. 

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