Realme X3 To Be Released Soon In Pakistan

Jun 26, 2020 News

Realme X3 To Be Released Soon In Pakistan

Realme has released some great phones in the past year or so, with titles like the Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro that have created almost a level of confusion amongst users as to how a phone can provide such great specs at such low prices. We saw the Realme 6 provide 90Hz refresh rate on its display which was the first time we got to see such a display spec at the price the phone came with. In a more recent history, Realme gave us the impressive X3 Superzoom, which featured a periscope lens, and could shoot objects clearly from like a mile away.

It was peculiar to see the X3 Superzoom without first seeing a base version of the X3. However, it doesn’t matter what order they were released in, because now we’re finally getting the X3 base variant and it looks impressive to say the least. The X3 was recently announced by Realme and was released in India on 25th June, being yesterday. Now it’s just a wait to see when it will be released for Pakistani users as well.

The phone will come with last year’s flagship processor, in the Snapdragon 855+. This will ensure that the Realme X3 will perform on flagship levels, and provide a top-notch gaming experience to users who are looking to have the best phone for PUBG in the mid range section. The X3 is also going to feature UFS 3.0 along with the blazing fast processor, as if it wasn’t enough speed for the user. Moreover, you will also get a 120Hz refresh rate display, which again is unheard of at the price the phone is going to launch for, being around 350 bucks.

Realme is doing incredible things in the mid-range market right now, providing users with flagship territory performance for a fraction of the price. Who knows when Realme might become the best phone manufacturer in the world - but it surely doesn’t look that far away if we consider fan’s vote.

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