Realme Smartwatch Review: Don't Buy This One

Jun 16, 2020 Reviews

Realme Smartwatch Review: Don't Buy This One

Realme has been quite commendable in the smartphone market over the last couple of years or so. 2 years ago, no one had even heard of the company, and even if they did, it was considered yet another Chinese manufacturer with low quality production value. However, with time they proved that they too can make solid smartphones at low prices, as seen with examples like the Realme 5 and 6 being great phones for the price segment they sit in. However, Realme recently tried to expand its branches in the tech business, and work on smart bands and smartwatches. Enter, the Realme smartwatch - is it any good or is it just another gimmick-y stunt made by an aspiring company?

To put it nicely, the Realme smartwatch isn't really a smart watch by any means. Firstly talking about the design, it's yet another boxy style of display in the attempt of looking like Apple's smartwatches. There is plastic used all over the watch and it feels flimsy and cheap. However, one advantage you get from the use of plastic is that the watch is quite lightweight, which can surely be considered a plus point. Moving on, the straps used on the watch are horrendous, and will wear down easily if you're planning to use the watch on a daily basis for running or fitness purposes. 

On the functionality side of things, the watch promises 14 different sport modes, but even the basic ones are inaccurate. The running tracker with the built-in GPS was glitchy, and just stopped tracking footsteps completely at times. Moreover, the steps counted weren't accurate as well, with the smartwatch missing a lot of steps. You can't even add your own third-party apps, or download anything on the watch, as you'll have to use Realme's own OS that the watch comes with. You can't reply to notifications from the watch as well, and even connectivity gave us problems at times. Sleep tracking works well though, as we managed to get decent and accurate results, as all the information was provided in the smartwatch app. 

All in all, we would advise you against buying this watch, as it will barely do the task of a basic fitness band, and you'll be much better off with one from Xiaomi as it's going to be cheaper but do more for you in terms of tracking fitness.

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