Realme C11 Review: Average, Even For The Price

Aug 15, 2020 Reviews

Realme C11 Review: Average, Even For The Price

Realme is easily one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world right now, especially in the South Asian region, thanks to the value it offers for the price. Realme has mostly focused on the mid range market, with a few phones here and there going to the budget region too. After the release of Realme C3 and Narzo 10A, the company is once again targeting the budget audience, as they’ve released the C11 - the latest and cheapest phone that the Chinese manufacturer has to offer in the market. Let’s get to our full review of the device, and see whether or not you should buy this phone.

The Good

One thing to realize in 2020 smartphones, even if they’re low cost devices, is that they’re mostly great looking phones, even if the materials aren’t all premium. The C11 follows this trend, as the design will make your phone stand out from the rest and you wouldn’t mind flashing it around in public too. The back of the device looks like a Pixel phone with funky colorways, thanks to the camera module that’s almost entirely copied from one of the recent Pixel devices. Nonetheless, it’s a nice looking phone. On the front side, you get a minimal water drop notch, as we’re sure it wouldn’t really bug you as much in 2020 since we’re long past that initial phase of getting used to these notches.

Another positive you could take out from this device, relative to the price is the display quality. Even though it’s a lower resolution LCD panel, it still packs a little punch, as colors are vibrant and viewing angles are decent too. It doesn’t get too bright, but that’s to be expected from an LCD panel, especially at this price.

Moving on, perhaps the feature that will impress you the most in this phone will be the battery life. You get a massive 5,000 mAh battery cell on the phone, which is more than enough to last you 1-2 days easily. This is due to the lower resolution display, the less demanding chipset and of course the chunky battery unit. Great work by Realme in this segment.

The Not So Good

We suggest you look away for this part if you’re a gamer.

The performance on this phone is simply sub-par even if we consider the price. Playing games like PUBG and Asphalt is obviously not even in the discussion, but social media usage and regular UI navigation felt sluggish on this phone as well with the Helio G35. There were noticeable lags and jitters around the UI, as doing small tasks like swiping up to get the app list even registered lag at times. This is disappointing from Realme, as at least social media use shouldn’t be a pain in the neck for users even at this price.

Moving on, the camera performance isn’t really great either on this device. Normal point and shoot photos might come out decent once in a while if there is adequate lighting in the scene, but otherwise don’t expect to take any beauties from this camera. Photos usually come out soft, grainy with the dynamic range being unpleasant as well. All in all, a disappointing experience, including the night mode option that Realme boasted about on the C11.


The C11 is a decent device from Realme if you want to buy a phone for bare minimum tasks - however, we’d suggest adding a couple or so thousand rupees to your budget to go for the base variant of Redmi Note 9, which is a much more powerful phone with a significantly better overall user experience.

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