Realme 6 Pro Review: Even Better Than The iPhone SE II?

May 17, 2020 Reviews

Realme 6 Pro Review: Even Better Than The iPhone SE II?


After the recent change of strategies by companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus trying to target the higher end of the market instead of the usual budget/mid-range area they were treading, there has been a lot of room for new companies to fill up that void to try and become the next budget king in the realm of smartphones. One such company has been Realme, who has been on the rise from the past year or so, and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon, with a great release in the Realme 6 Pro.

The Good

There are a lot of positives that can be seen in the latest addition in Realme’s smartphone lineup, starting with the design and display. The body may be made out of plastic, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Realme 6 Pro still looks premium, and with the pattern on the back panel resembling a lightning bolt, there’s no doubt that the phone looks stunning. The screen is a Full HD, 6.6” IPS display, with a 90Hz refresh rate which is shocking to see at this price point. The inclusion of a high refresh rate display will be a welcoming factor for most users looking to buy the 6 Pro.

Cameras are usually expected to be average at most at this price, but Realme makes sure that isn’t the case with its latest model. The quad setup features an ultrawide lens, a telephoto lens, a main shooter and a macro lens for those close up shots. All cameras surpassed our expectations, with the phone taking well-detailed photos with decent highlights and shadows all around. Moreover, the night mode capabilities of the phone are definitely tremendous as well, with shots coming out sharp and perfectly exposed in low light situations.

One thing that previous Realme phones received criticism for, was the lackluster operating system from the company. Fortunately, this was taken into account, and the 6 Pro seems to be running Realme’s local OS on top of Android 10, which is the latest software currently by Google.

The Not So Good

Well, a phone can’t be perfect, especially at this price point, and that’s made evident in this case as well. One such department where the Realme 6 Pro falls off is the fact that it has used Snapdragon 720G instead of 730G as its main chipset. Now, performance isn’t bad at all in the phone - but if you’re looking to buy a phone for your daily gaming needs, then this might not be the one for you.

Moreover, one software issue that resides in the camera app is the under-sharpening and processing of images after they’ve been taken. This clearly seems to be a software issue, and we hope that Realme takes notice and fixes it with an update in the near future.


At the price point, you can’t go wrong with the Realme Pro 6. It has decent performance, a 90Hz display, great design and one of the better cameras in the budget region that we’ve seen so far. However, you might get better value for your money if you opt for a Redmi K20, or even Redmi Note 9 Pro. All in all, your money will be well worth it if you go for this phone as well.

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