RCS Messaging Is Now Rolling Out To Different Countries Over The World

Sep 09, 2020 News

RCS Messaging Is Now Rolling Out To Different Countries Over The World

RCS messaging has been a huge news to be followed in the past few months - as Android is finally getting its replacement for Apple’s iMessage functionality that iPhone users rave so much about. The feature was first expected to launch in the US, with the help of the big carrier companies there - and since Google headquarters are located in the US, it was inevitable that they’d release the first trial there. However, now it seems like the tech giant is looking to roll out the feature globally now too as European users have reported that they have been able to use RCS messages for quite a while too now.

Apart from the European region, people from all over the world have reported the activation of RCS on their phones since April. People from Pakistan, Argentina, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, Denmark and a lot more have reported that they’ve gotten the RCS update.

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It doesn’t seem like Google has provided RCS messaging to these countries with partnership with the carrier networks there due to so many different users in different countries receiving the update. We feel like Google itself has rolled out the feature without worrying about the carrier being the mediator in the service.

How To Know You Have RCS?

So basically, if you open Messages, you should automatically get a pop-up on your screen which will explain how RCS works and what it’s all about - and from there you can turn it on. However, even if you miss out on the pop-up, you can just go to the Settings inside of Messages and then just turn on the feature.

RCS is basically the Android version of iMessage, as it allows you to send messages on it over WiFi if you’re connected, and send high quality pictures and media. It’s a great messaging service, and is rolling worldwide.

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