Razer 3 Phone Might Be In The Works

Jul 14, 2020 News

Razer 3 Phone Might Be In The Works

Smartphones were initially introduced as an all-rounder device that could replace a lot of your manual tasks for you. You could use your smartphones to make notes, to use a calculator, to learn study material and a lot more. You even had a personal camera built into a smartphone, and a music player that could help you listen to all your favourite songs. It was an all-in one piece of tech that soon became a necessity for everyone. However, different smartphone manufacturers took different approaches and focused on specific niches - and with processors getting better and better on phones, some companies opted to make gaming focused smartphones, and Razer was one of the first to bring out a gaming phone.

Razer phone came out in 2017, and it received mixed feelings from the tech world. It had great gaming capabilities, with a huge battery at that time, great performance and a good screen. However, the same level of performance could be brought out from other flagship devices, which also had other good features that were missing on the Razer phone. The Razer device didn’t have a good camera or decent software, and that’s what kept it from being a fan favourite. Now we’ve gotten news on an upcoming Razer 3 phone, as it might avenge the Razer series and make the phone an all-around package. Chinese e-commerce website TaoBao had the phone on sale on its platform, and we even got pictures of a possible Razer 3 phone, with 3 cameras at the back - which is one more than both the first and second iteration of the phone series.


We don’t have any sort of confirmation about the details of the phone, but it seems like a decent possibility about the phone being in the works, and Razer looking to test it out in the Chinese market first, before making a global launch for their upcoming device.

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