PUBG Unbanned In These Countries After A Temporary Ban

Oct 08, 2020 Games

PUBG Unbanned In These Countries After A Temporary Ban

PUBG has emerged as one of the most popular games around the world but due to its addictive nature, propagation of violence, and other factors, it was banned by multiple countries namely China, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, Iraq and India banned the videogame within its borders. Now, a few countries have lifted the ban.


In Pakistan, the Prime Minister Imran Khan along with The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority believed that PUBG, along with the above-mentioned reasons, made people less productive. After a month had passed to the ban, PTA met with the representatives of PUBG and the issues regarding the game were resolved and cooperation was showed.

After a court hearing, the Islamabad High Court asked for the ban to be lifted. But there were further complications as PTA decided to keep the game blacked and cited the Protection of Electronic Crimes Act of 2016 to back their decision.

On July 30, the PTA released a public statement announcing that ban on the game would be lifted but this time authorities would implement comprehensive control mechanism measures.


the Nepal Telecommunications Authority decided to implement a ban on PUBG Mobile in April 2019. Like the other countries, the NTA had concerns over the impact the game had on the youth along with other issues. 

However, just after a week of the ban being implemented, official s decided that the ban was unnecessary as it was just a means for children to have fun and interact with others of their age.


We’re all aware of the strict censorship rules in china and because of those, PUBG wasn’t approved to begin with in the country. Tencent couldn’t monetize the title, even though people were already playing the game without in-app purchases because Chinese censors had stopped approving new video game releases.

The Chinese version of PUBG mobile changed their name to “Game For Peace.” Which was an achievement to say the least as PUBG is of course a game that involves violence and gore. There are not many distinctions in the in-game elements when compared to the global version due to this compromise. In addition, Tencent added a China-only age gate to PUBG Mobile to appease to the Chinese censors.

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