PUBG: Season 10’s Value Addition

Apr 19, 2020 Games

PUBG: Season 10’s Value Addition

As of the start of November 2019, PUBG lovers has been treated with an additional character “SARA” which will enhance the gaming experience for those players who strategize with the vehicle in the game. Debut of SARA has been planned as a vehicle expert who excels with the rides as its tactical advantage. Sara will be reducing the probability of bullet damage from enemies when is driving the vehicle.

At this point, the area of concern is that new costumes, emotes and catchphrases will be unlocked after the successful completion of the missions. In order to maintain the excitement in the gaming experience, it is ensured that Sara’s skills are only limited to EvoGround settings like Team Death Match and Payload Mode which makes it obvious that the reinforcement vehicle’s advantage won’t be given in the Classified Battle Royale or Arcade Rounds.


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