PUBG Has Brought Its Latest Game, "PUBG: NEW STATE" For Mobile Phone

Feb 25, 2021 Games

PUBG Has Brought Its Latest Game, "PUBG: NEW STATE" For Mobile Phone

Some time ago, the head of the parent company Krafton behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds broke the news that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds plans to launch a new mobile game in 2021. While we are still speculating on this mobile game's type and gameplay, today, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds announced the name of the latest mobile game as "PUBG: NEW STATE." The game development skipped Tencent, and Krafton, Inc and PUBG developed it. Studio launched.

The game is set for 100 survivors to compete shortly in 2051, exploring a large open world of 8x8 kilometers until only one person or a team is left. Isn't this the way to eat chicken? To be precise, it is a more technological and futuristic mobile game for eating chickens. It will most likely be a natural transplant of the "PUBG" terminal game.


Players who are still in the liver "Peace Elite" will find that the previous updates of "Peace Elite" follow the pace of the terminal game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds". The recent updates are getting away from the terminal game, so Blue Hole Considers that Chicken Chicken is still hot worldwide. It is not surprising to quickly make another mobile game of Chicken Chicken.