PUBG Finally Adds Dedicated Servers For Pakistan

Jun 18, 2020 Games

PUBG Finally Adds Dedicated Servers For Pakistan

PUBG has been one of the most popular games in the world for a couple of years now, as it dominated the PC, console and now mobile gaming market. PUBG was surely not the first game to feature the battle royale genre in games, but it surely was the one that made it famous. Even PUBG’s main developer, being Player Unknown, was a part of the team that worked on the initial battle royale titles that didn’t get as much fame - so he decided to work on his own game and we were given PUBG, Player Unknown’s BattleGround.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that PUBG gained more fame and popularity on mobile devices than it ever did or has on consoles or PC, and one of its main consumer sources is Pakistan. Nowadays, it almost seems like everyone plays or at least knows about PUBG in Pakistan, and that’s saying something in a country where a fraction of the population can afford smartphones. There have been numerous competitions for the game as well, with the most notable one being Mountain Dew Arena, where the prize money is well over a million rupees for the winning squad.

 In a country where there are so many people who play the game, there were no dedicated servers to service the Pakistani players. This would result in a disadvantage for these locals against players from other countries, because it would mean higher ping compared to others. For comparison, when we ran CoD Mobile on the same internet on our devices, we got about 50ms ping, but when PUBG was played, it showed about double that amount, at 90-100ms. Well, now with a recent post from PUBG Mobile’s official Facebook page, it has noted the players that the developers have added dedicated servers for Pakistan so the gaming experience can be smoother for the players here. This has been reported from multiple PUBG fans, as they’ve said that they’ve been getting an average of 40-50ms ping regularly.

This is a great step from the battle royale giant, as it shows that the game developers consider players’ opinions important, and are listening constantly to make their experience better in every way. Kudos to PUBG mobile for making this happen!

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