PUBG Announces An Event For Pakistan Independence Day

Aug 12, 2020 Games

PUBG Announces An Event For Pakistan Independence Day

PUBG is definitely one of the most popular mobile games in Pakistan, if not the most popular game, as people ranging from teens all the way to adults love to spend time on the game with their friends or just solo queueing. PUBG has not failed to take note of this, as they bring a special event for Pakistan with respect to the independence day of Pakistan coming up on 14th August. This has made a lot of the Pakistani PUBG community happy, as they appreciate the love given to them from the PUBG global team.

There are specific events that PUBG introduces in the game, and just like that an event has been made for Pakistan, called the Fabulous Journey. Players will have to complete in-game tasks and missions to collect flip coins which will see them progress down a virtual game-map which consists of iconic Pakistani monuments and spots, like the Hingol National Park, Ziarat, Mazar-e-Quaid and a lot more. Upon progressing this virtual journey, players will also receive rewards which they can use inside the game.

This is a great step from the PUBG developers, as it shows that they still care about the Pakistani user base, even after the conflicts they had to face in the Pakistani court. PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) recently banned PUBG as it was thought to be related to students being unproductive and going down the wrong path. The PUBG team however, fought the case and presented all of its evidence which proved that it was considered to be just a harmless game.

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