PTA Bans TikTok In Pakistan

Oct 13, 2020 News

PTA Bans TikTok In Pakistan

Pakistan has seen plenty of activity happening in the telecommunications department, as there are lots of different parties which are not okay with the type of content that’s being aired on TV channels and mobile apps. Following a common trend of not letting people do or be as they want, the Pakistani higher authorities have gone on and put a ban on the popular app TikTok, on the grounds of “immoral content” being uploaded on the social media app. This is not the first time we’re seeing the banning culture in Pakistan, as we’ll take you through a journey of just a few of the bans that Pakistani content has faced in the recent months.


PUBG was one of the most popular games in Pakistan, if not the most popular game, as it had helped the Pakistani Esports culture to rise rapidly, leading to million rupees cash prize tournaments and what not. However, because the PTA thought that it led to children engaging in unimportant activities, and not focusing on studies, the authority banned the game completely. It sounds absolutely bizarre, but it did take place. However, the decision was finally revoked after facing a tough time from the general public.

Ban On Gala Biscuit Ad

A biscuit ad which was deemed to be sexualizing and what not was recently banned by PEMRA, as it consisted of popular actress Mehwish Hayat dancing. Upon seeing the ad, many people voiced out their opinions as to the ad was not at all inappropriate, and was just like any other ad with joyous dancing.

Ban On Churails

Churails was a recently produced Pakistani drama which consisted of four main female characters who talked and fought through the battles women have to face everyday. However, again on the basis of immoral conduct, the drama was banned in Pakistan and completely censored.

And now it’s the time for TikTok, an app that helps thousands of people earn money through the platform by creating different kinds of content, to get banned by the PTA - as once again people have no say into how they want to live.

Here’s the reason the main man for digital concerns set by the Prime Minister Imran Khan gave for the ban on TikTok:

PTA says they are still open to discussion with the relevant authorities from TikTok if they’re willing to take down the obscene content from the app. TikTok responded by saying Pakistan is one of the top countries from which TikTok removes millions of videos on a daily basis.

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