PTA Bans PUBG In Pakistan

Jul 02, 2020 News

PTA Bans PUBG In Pakistan

PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world, and since its arrival to mobile platforms, it’s been one of the most downloaded games as well. The game features a battle royale genre, where players have to fight against other players in a 100 player lobby to remain the last remaining survivor. If you’re playing with a team, then you have to make sure your team is the last team to survive in the game for the renowned chicken dinner that everyone loves.

It’s no doubt that PUBG is amongst the most popular games in Pakistan within the youth, as everyone loves to play the game with friends and have fun for hours and hours. Especially with the quarantine being effective, everyone has been at home and what better way to spend time then having fun with friends playing an action packed game. However, that fun is now taken away from Pakistanis, as the PTA, or Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, has put a temporary ban on PUBG within Pakistan on all devices. The news was rumoured for quite some time, but the decision was implemented fully a couple of days ago as players reported their servers not working. This was confirmed from PTA’s website too, as they released an official statement regarding the situation and why they banned the game. Their reason was because the youth was getting distracted by the game, and getting addicted to the wrong things. Moreover, recent news of one or two suicides taking place because of the game sparked some tension as well.

We feel that this is a violation of freedom for the youth, as the PTA is simply taking away their source of entertainment and spending quality time with friends at a time where everyone is lockdown and there is no other outdoor activity to be carried out safely. A user pointed out that universities also cause hundreds of suicides every year, but that doesn’t mean you end the education system. 

We hope the temporary ban is soon lifted, but till then, here are great alternatives to PUBG that you can try for the time being.

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