Pokemon GO Developer Partners Up With Punchdrunk For An Upcoming AR Game

Jul 01, 2020 Games

Pokemon GO Developer Partners Up With Punchdrunk For An Upcoming AR Game

Augmented Reality, or AR is a weird concept to grasp in 2020. It’s one of those things that have advanced pretty far ahead, but has no proper real life applications to make use of the great technology. We have figured out the hard part of bringing AR to life and developing it to the stage it is at right now; but we haven’t been able to work on things that can use that sort of power to the extent which we all hoped for. Uptil now, the only real applications that people have heard of regarding AR have been the once popular mobile game Pokemon Go and a measuring tool on Apple devices.

However, it’s not to say that we won’t see any games or applications worthy of riding the AR boat. In fact, one such AR based game is in the works right now, and on the development panel is none other than the developer behind Pokemon GO, Niantic. This will ensure the upcoming project will have a strong base from an already experienced developer who knows how to use AR properly in a game. It doesn’t end there though - as they have partnered up with another experienced AR developer from the movie side of things, being Punchdrunk. Now Punchdrunk was behind Sleep No More, an immersive visual experience where users had to walk through different doors and paths and watch as the story unrolled. Users couldn’t interact with the objects, but it was considered to be an entertaining experience nonetheless.

The upcoming game title will be a part of a series of a few projects that the two developers will work on, and considering the experience and skill set of these companies, we might have a top notch game on our hands which would bring out the full potential of Augmented Reality.

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