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Aug 02, 2021

Pokémon Attracts $100 Billion In Gold. Why Is This World's No. 1 IP?

Mar 15, 2021 Games

Pokémon Attracts $100 Billion In Gold. Why Is This World's No. 1 IP?

Earlier, Universal Studios Japan announced that it would cooperate with Nintendo to create a 'Super Nintendo World' theme park. The opening scheduled for February 14, 2021, was also postponed due to the epidemic. In March, the global side seems to think that the conditions for welcoming customers are ripe, so it will officially open on March 18.

Pokemon GO

The theme park has a planned amusement facilities area, interactive game area, Nintendo Shopping Street, and other blocks. There is Mario Kart-Kuba challenge, Yoshi's Adventures theme attraction car, Boss Dragon Kuba castle, and a venue for the master sword trial of Pokémon events for visitors to experience.

Universal Studios

Mario Kart is based on the design of Kuba Castle. Four players compete in groups. During the game, they will pass through several familiar scenes in Super Marion. It will also be equipped with the latest technology, LED projection screen, holographic image projection, AR reality interactive virtual glasses, etc.

Mario Kart

According to the re-tweet lottery held on the official Twitter before, and the lucky tourists who got the first entry into the park shared, Mario Kart, Yoshi's Adventures, and other projects and surrounding supporting facilities are all good experiences. In 1985, Mario's first-generation FC opened up Nintendo's hegemony, and the public is also wider. However, Nintendo's most profitable is not Mario, but Pokémon.

The layout of the whole industry chain

No, we just sell the game.

On March 1, according to statistics released by Statista on merchandise sales, authorized transactions, and retail sales, since Nintendo released the Pokémon series of games in 1996, people have spent a total of about 100 billion U.S dollars in various Pokémon businesses. Numbers enable Pokémon to surpass Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse to become the world's most profitable IP.


Pokémon is a national animation in Europe and America, especially the United States. It occupies the childhood of the vast majority of people. And it also formed its own industrial chain at a very early time, including animation, games, comics, peripherals, and cards. For example, Pokémon TCG is one of the world's three major TCG cards; animation is Japanese national animation, and each one is basically stable in the top 10 ratings in Japan. Among them, its surroundings, in particular, account for almost half of the children's market, and the surroundings are the primary revenue of Pokémon.


Statista's statistics are based on commodity sales, authorized transactions, and retail sales. This shows that the commodity sales of major IPs appearing on the table; that is to say, IP derivatives, peripheral products, and commodity sales are the basis for significant IPs to make money.

Pokemon 1

The surrounding areas mainly rely on fan groups' consumption, so Pokémon's idea is obvious. Fan groups are firmly held by games. Therefore, whether the company produces animations, movies, or comics, it only sells games. Nintendo, the company of Pokémon, is known as the most robust legal department so that 90% of the Pokémon we see on the market are genuine. This is also the most extensive guarantee behind the strong sales of Pokémon.

Pokémon GO

Global elves-catching boom

'Pokémon GO'. It is an AR pet-raising battle RPG mobile game jointly produced and developed by Nintendo, Pokémon, and Niantic Labs. This game captures, fights, and exchanges Pokémon that appear in the real world. It can be captured in the real world through the phone's AR mode or the default game background.

Pokemon GO

Since the game was launched, it has caused a craze for the whole world. People exposed the Pokémon that they captured on the bed, on the side of the road, on the pets, and in other incredible places. From Brooklyn, New York, Johnson is the world's first person to capture 'Pokémon GO'. To capture the rare elves, he did not hesitate to fly back and forth worldwide to catch them and eventually captured all 145 elves.


The global enthusiasm for capturing Pokémon elves caused Nintendo's stock price to rise by 23% in early trading. In January 2019, "Pokémon GO" revenue exceeded US$68 million, an increase of 84% year-on-year. While winning several mobile game awards, it also won five Guinness World Records certifications.

Pokemon 2

'Pokémon GO' is inseparable from the design, operation, and promotion of the team behind it, but the most important thing is the powerful fan appeal of Pokémon IP. Pokémon is not only widely loved by fans around the world for its game development, but IP co-branding, such as the joint names with high-end shoe brands ESPERANZA, Uniqlo, FION, etc., confirms Pokémon's status. The benefits created in IP peripherals have allowed it to top the global IP list, far surpassing Disney and Universal.

The completed industrial chain operations of games, animations, peripherals, cards, and comics have made Pokémon IP enduring for so many years. Some people say that Pokémon has defeated well-known IPs such as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princess. On what basis, how long will it take to fall into the altar?

In terms of games with massive fan bases, Pokémon game products have performed poorly in recent years, and advertisements have been very superficial. Players have been talking about them, and most of them have shown disappointment. However, even this way, its sales have remained high, and it is hard to imagine how good this IP is. Most people were swearing and rushing to buy a cassette for the new game.