Pixel 5 Camera Features And Samples Leaked

Oct 03, 2020 News

Pixel 5 Camera Features And Samples Leaked

The Pixel 5 is all set to be released in a couple of weeks time around the world - as it looks to be an exciting device with a new take to its pricing strategy, coming in at 700 bucks compared to about a 1000 dollars price tag that it came with previously. We’ve heard lots of rumours about the phone, and we’ve seen how it’s going to look. However, yesterday, a youtuber put up a video of him using the Pixel 5 hands-on, and showed the camera features in his video, which was about 8 minutes long in total.

The video by the youtuber tells us about a few features in the camera app which many were wondering about, such as the solution for the missing telephoto lens in the Pixel 5. Firstly, the initial thing that the video shows is the slightly changed and updated camera UI inside the app, with a new shutter button now, and slightly darker shades in the buttons. Moreover, we could see that the ultrawide could go to a zoom of 0.6x - and the digital zoom was going till 7x, something that would be great if it actually could work properly without much loss of detail.

You can even see samples of camera pictures, and one from the 4K 60fps camera as well - both of which look excellent in the video.

See the video down below:


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