Pixel 4a Specs Confirmed - Price Is $349!

Aug 01, 2020 News

Pixel 4a Specs Confirmed - Price Is $349!

We've been receiving endless rumours and talks about the upcoming Pixel 4a, as everyone was excited about the phone - some even curious as to whether or not the device will be made available for users as not after the news of the discontinuation of the 3a broke out. Some rumours even suggested that the 4a will get cancelled as well, along with its older brother 4a XL. However, we now know that the phone will definitely be coming out, with the expected date being 3rd August - and we have what seem to be the confirmed specs of the device. 

The phone is going to sport a 5.81 inch OLED panel, which will provide an Always On Display feature, along with the popular "Now Playing" section room. Moving on, the processor being used for the 4a is going to be a Snapdragon 730G - a powerful enough processor to run most games on high settings and 60 FPS - with 6 gigs of RAM and 128GB of storage. A 3,140 mAh battery unit will be installed in the back that will support 18W charging - the battery situation sounds average, but it might give a respectable battery life considering the smaller screen size. The camera will definitely get a lot of people excited, as it's going to be the same primary sensor from the Pixel 4 - one of the best phone cameras in the game. You'll also be able to record 4K UHD at 30fps, and max out at 120fps if you're set at 1080p.

The phone seems to be an amazing deal overall, as it will also nail the software side of things. Android 11 isn't going to be pre-installed in the Pixel 4a as most people expected - but it will be available for installation as early as September. The price is going to be 349 dollars for the phone in the US - a price tag which is definitely going to put it in the top tier of phones in this segment. 

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