Pixel 4a Official Render Revealed On Google Store

Jul 13, 2020 News

Pixel 4a Official Render Revealed On Google Store

It’s no surprise that everyone has been waiting eagerly for the release of the upcoming Pixel 4a from Google. The “a” series from the tech giant has been loved since its release of the 3a last year, which completely changed the way mid range phones were perceived in the market. The 3a had great specs, amazing camera and top-of-the-line software inside - all at a mid range price point which wasn’t heard of before. Now the Pixel 4a is coming out this year, as it’s finally confirmed by Google, and we also have official renders of the phone seen on the Google Store.

The renders show that the phone is identical to the leaks we’ve witnessed over time, with a punch-hole front camera display in the front, and a square-ish camera module at the back - much like the Pixel 4 lineup. We’ll also get a fingerprint scanner at the back, which is a bit outdated, but nothing as big to be a dealbreaker. The 4a will also come with an green color accented power button, which we’ve grown accustomed to from Google, and we’re sure fans are going to love this one as well.

The device will pack a Snapdragon 730 as its main SoC probably, and will consist of 4/6GB of RAM, with 128GB worth of storage. 18W fast charging is also available inside the phone, as it looks like a great all around package in the mid range market, and will likely become the phone to beat in the segment. It’s going to retail for about 400 dollars, or possibly less, and we’re sure it’s going to become a certain fan favourite, much like its predecessor.

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