Pixel 4 Users Are Getting Android 11 Beta Updates

Jun 02, 2020 News

Pixel 4 Users Are Getting Android 11 Beta Updates

Android 11 has been anticipated by users around the world for months now. The latest version of the Android OS has been getting delayed date-by-date, and we cannot wait for the release. The announcement event was scheduled for 3rd June, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they decided to delay it further. However, with news surfacing from several Pixel 4 users, they’ve reported that a beta version of Android 11 has been rolling out on their latest Pixel phones, which is a good sight to witness, and we have all the updates here for you to know. Let’s hop in the article to see what the latest version of Android will have in store for us. 

Music Resumption: Music Player In Notification Bar 

Unlike previous versions of Android, the music player will be shifted up along with the other setting toggles on top of the notification bar. You’ll see your music player along with your “WiFi” and “Bluetooth” toggles, and it’ll be in one of the two columns that will be formed in the notification bar upon one swipe. When you swipe down again for the second time, the music player will take its place on top alone and will expand, with the settings icons moving below it. However, it is to be noted that this option doesn’t come turned on with the beta, and you’ll actually have to enable developer settings, and head inside to find the Music Resumption option and toggle it on to get the music player in its new place. 

New Icon Shapes

With the Pixel 4’s release, Google also released a new Themes app for the phone to adjust UI settings such as icon shapes, wallpapers, fonts and a lot more. With the release of the new beta for Android 11, three new icon shapes have been added: Vessel, Pebble and Tapered Rectangle. Our personal favourite is the pebble because of how minimalistic and simple it looks, and adds to the overall stock feel of Android.

App Suggestion Optimization

With the Pixel lineup, you had the app suggestion feature by Google, which displayed a list of apps which you use the most and are likely to use on the homescreen at the bottom. This in itself is a nifty feature - however, at times you don’t want an app to be shown in the home screen just because you use it often. Sometimes secrets are best kept hidden, that’s why with the Android 11, you’ll get an option to customize what apps can be shown in the suggestion bar, with the ability to block certain apps from coming up at all. This is a smart move by Google, and we appreciate them listening to concerns from users. 


In the developer settings of Android 10, you could turn on the bubble chat head notification option, which helped you to get notifications in the form of bubbles, or chat heads - just like how Facebook messenger does on Android. However, this wasn’t as complete of a feature or a stable one in Android 10 as it has been made in Android 11. You get the bubble feature built-in on Android R, and you even have access to several settings regarding the chat head notifications, with options such as the ability to screenshot just the chat head area instead of the whole screen and so on. 

All in all, we expect Android 11 to be a successful OS version much like its predecessors, and satisfy most Android users if not all with its updates and improvements. 

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