Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop Doing This

Jun 01, 2020 News

Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop Doing This

Android is in a weird space when you talk about Operating Systems in the major smartphones across the world. Meanwhile it’s the main choice of OS for most manufacturers, it doesn’t really seem to provide back to users as much as we’d hope it would. Take iOS for example - yes Apple phones cost more and they only release a couple or so phones every year, compared to several phone companies operating on Android - but it’s worthwhile to notice how iOS makes sure that its users are valued when they’re in the ecosystem; that they are given a secure platform to run their phones on and makes sure that performance remains smooth even after years of usage. 

The main factor to this is how Apple guarantees a 4 year software update period as a bare minimum. Even older Apple devices such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 still get the option to update to iOS 13, Apple’s latest software currently. However, Android fails to follow in the steps of Apple and iOS in this matter, as the majority of devices on the Android side get a maximum of 2 years of software updates. Phones such as the Samsung S8 series were left behind on Android Pie, as there’s no confirmation of Android 10 coming to them at all. 

This could be understandable if you’re paying 300 to 400 dollars for a mid-range device - then it does make sense for a phone to not support more than a couple of years of software updates. However, if you’re paying a 1000 dollars for a mobile phone, it should be a no-brainer to be given at least 3 years of software support for your device. But forget about 3 years, these days smartphones are even settling for just one year of software updates, which is just disrespectful to say the least. The Edge+ from Motorola - the company’s latest flagship - was only promised a single year of software updates. After receiving tons of criticism and public backlash, Motorola changed their decision and even then, only confirmed just 2 years of updates.

Nevertheless, amidst all this happening in the Android world, OnePlus is making sure their users are valued - perhaps the reason why the company has one of the most loyal fans in the smartphone market. Recently, OnePlus rolled out Android 10 for OnePlus 5 and 5t - phones that they released 3 years ago. It’s great to see such companies still valuing their users, and providing them a good experience as well - unlike other manufacturers who just want to keep that for only the customers buying their latest models. However, this shouldn’t be something to commend OnePlus about, because even though they’re an odd one out in the market doing this, it should be turned into a norm and something all the manufacturers should adopt in their smartphones. 

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