Performance and Battery Life Upgraded By New Google Wear OS Update

Sep 11, 2020 News

Performance and Battery Life Upgraded By New Google Wear OS Update

Google Wear has always aimed to provide its customers with products that allow them to be connected to both the online and the real world. To do so, they have been pushing new updates and features to provide their customers with the best experience.

As revealed in an official blog, Google has announced the release of a new Wear OS update which aims to focus on upgrading speed and longevity and to improve on battery life. The update also aims to curb all negative aspects and improve on performance and usability.

Google claims that through this update, app launching and boot times are up to 20% faster than before. The pairing process is now is faster and more reliable, allowing users to pair their watches with compatible devices much more easily. Another change is the addition of “more intuitive” controls over watch modes and workouts. Keeping the pandemic in mind, the update comes with a hand-washing timer to help users cope.

While the update is anticipated by many, it will take a while for it to reach everyone. It is currently only available for the Suunto 7 smartwatches and will eventually come to other devices. For this watch, the update brings H-MR2 improvements, route navigation, a battery saving GPS mode, a low power always-on sport display, and much more.

This update will allow for your Wear OS watch to perform better and we expect that the performance will be more impressive when watches with Qualcomm’s speedier Snapdragon Wear 4100 arrive. The software update is expected to be available by more manufacturers.

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