OxygenOS 11 To Bring A Complete Design Overhaul: Here's Whats New

Aug 13, 2020 News

OxygenOS 11 To Bring A Complete Design Overhaul: Here's Whats New

OnePlus devices have been known to be one of the best in the business when it comes to the smartphone world, as they release bangers every single year. They aren’t just known for the quality hardware that they use in their phones, but also the great software that they have too in OxygenOS. Their OS is clean, close to stock android and is easy to navigate through for most users. However, that may be about to be changed as things are getting tweaked and altered from OnePlus with the new OxygenOS 11 coming out on top of Android 11.

OxygenOS 11 has been in the test run on top of Android 11 Beta 3, as we have a good look at what the final result is going to be. It seems like OnePlus has taken their inspiration from Samsung’s OneUI, since the whole stock android feel is gone from the latest version of the OS. We’re going to discuss the main changes that we’ve gotten on the new OS.

Always On Display

AOD has been requested by OnePlus fans for a long long time - and even though their devices have had AMOLED displays for quite a while, they didn’t have the AOD functionality in them. Now with the introduction of OxygenOS 11, we finally will get AOD in our hands. We can choose from different customized looks for the AOD panel, and we can even turn it off or set it for particular scheduled timings if battery is a concern.

Changed UI: No More Stock Android

OnePlus has changed the Stock Android narrative - as seen with almost every phone manufacturer once they reach a certain point of popularity - and now it’s not really the clean software we grew to love in their phones. It follows the design layout from Samsung’s OneUI to an extent, as spacings, icons and other aspects of the UI seems more funky and opposite to what you’d call a clean android skin. However, this can be a thing of preference, as some people may like it, and some may not. The font is also updated now, with a new OnePlus Sans in the system, which does look better and something that might get endorsed by other manufacturers in the future as well.

Upgraded Zen Mode

Zen Mode has been a great feature in OnePlus devices over the years, as it just got even better now. You can set more intervals and time limits for enabling the Zen Mode, ranging from 1 minute, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90 and finally up to 120 minutes. There’s another great option inside the Zen Mode app which lets you create a Zen room in which you can add friends and family so everyone can get time away from their phones together.

Apart from that, OnePlus has also added and enhanced their apps to meet with the overall design layout of the UI. It seems like a subjective change, as it’s not really going to be considered a widely negative change. Some groups of OnePlus fans are going to welcome the new design overhaul, whereas some might not be interested at all. However, a fresh change is to be appreciated as it shows dedication from the company.

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