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'Overwatch 2' Mobile Games Exposed - Blizzard Plans To Release At The Same Time

Mar 22, 2021 Games

'Overwatch 2' Mobile Games Exposed - Blizzard Plans To Release At The Same Time

According to Dexerto reports, they have very reliable sources claiming that if there is no outbreak in 2020, Blizzard will launch two works simultaneously: 'Overwatch 2' and 'Overwatch Mobile Games'.

In a blog program by Dexerto editors, editor Lewis stated: "I have a fully reliable source claiming that the outbreak in early 2020 has affected Blizzard's plans. They hope to release both Overwatch 2 and Overwatch at the same time. 'Pioneer Mobile Games' two works."

The accuracy of this information is still inconclusive-there is no evidence that Blizzard has/is making an Overwatch Mobile Game.

But previously, Blizzard President and CEO Daniel Alegre claimed at the 2020 Investor Conference: Entering the mobile game market is critical to the company's future; on the other hand, 'Brother-in-law' Jeff Kaplan, production director of 'Overwatch', answered questions from players on Reddit. "I am very excited about telling stories in new ways and using new media."

However, the above information does not mention anything about the 'Overwatch Mobile Game'. Whether this information implies that 'Overwatch' will launch a mobile game version is still unknown. As of press time, Blizzard has not yet commented on the rumored 'Overwatch Mobile Games'; the same: the official release date of 'Overwatch 2' has not yet been announced.

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