Oppo’s New Flagship Expects To Feature Snapdragon 870

Oct 30, 2020 News

Oppo’s New Flagship Expects To Feature Snapdragon 870

We recently heard about Qualcomm releasing their upcoming flagship chipset being the Snapdragon 875, and how it will first be seen on a Xiaomi phone - specifically the Mi 11 in general. Globally, the S21 is expected to be the first phone with the Snapdragon 875 though, since the Mi 11 looks to be a China restrained thing for now.

However, with all that talk about the 875, there might actually be another chipset coming out by Qualcomm in the 800 series, as Oppo looks to be the first phone ever to come with the Snapdragon 870 - a new chipset expected to be released by Qualcomm which is going to be a like a little sibling of the 875 - a little more cost efficient and a little less powerful. The 870 is still expected to be plenty powerful though, with performance still to be considered above the 865.


This might actually be a sensible move by Qualcomm, since the extra power offered by the likes of the newest Snapdragon chipsets are not really needed in real world usage - as phones would be powerful enough for the majority of users even if they ran the Snapdragon 855. This would make way for a more diverse field in play, and allow more variety in the chipsets they provide.

The Snapdragon 870 is going to be one of Oppo’s upcoming flagship features, as the Chinese phone maker is looking to make it big for the year of 2021.

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