OPPO X 2021 is More Durable Than You Think; Withstands 100,000 Tests Without Damage

Nov 24, 2020 News

OPPO X 2021 is More Durable Than You Think; Withstands 100,000 Tests Without Damage

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that currently we’re in the future of the smartphone world. We are surrounded by innovative and creative technology in mobile devices that no one would’ve expected to have 5 or even 3 years ago from now. We have had phones with pop up cameras, flip cameras and even motorized units. We then got to see in-display fingerprint scanners from manufacturers, and now even in-display front cameras are here, courtesy of the Mi 11 Pro from Xiaomi. However, the idea of getting a phone and a tablet in your pocket has been one that’s been tingling the creative juices of phone makers, and Oppo seems to be in the front with their concept.

We’ve seen folding phones vertically like the Z Flip from Samsung, or horizontally, like the Z Fold or the Mate X from Huawei. However, these phones come with plenty of downsides, such as durability issues, dust exposure and perhaps the biggest issue of all - folding creases which could be impossible to get out of your head once you notice them long enough.

Having said all that, Oppo is bringing something new to the market - something that would never have been thought of by someone. They’re implementing a technology which would see the smartphone expand right there in your hand, and get back to its regular form factor, without having to fold in any way. This might be a rolling technology from Oppo, which would see the OLED panel being folded at the ends to make the phone enlarge and shrink in your hands - but whatever it may be, it’s happening in 2021, and it looks fabulous.

OPPO hardware structural engineer Jin Xiang at a recent press conference said, OPPO X 2021 has been tested rigourously for 100,000 curls. 50 times a day shouldn't be a problem. It can be used for five years, and 100,000 times is not the limit. pic.twitter.com/OYMvRZJZEq

One issue that the public might have with this design could be durability - and Oppo has you covered in that department, as the lead designer for the phone has ensured everyone that the Oppo X 2021, the name of the phone, has gone through a 100,000 tests of rolling in and out, and it could easily withstand more - hence you could easily have a 5 year life on the phone, and counting, even if you rolled it in and out from the regular form to the tablet 50 times a day.

All in all, the technology is surely fascinating, and we can’t wait to hear more from the Chinese phone maker.

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