Oppo To Experiment With Li-Fi Technology

Aug 14, 2020 News

Oppo To Experiment With Li-Fi Technology

WiFi plays a huge part in our daily lives as almost everyone around us has access to the internet. Where it was considered to be a huge amenity a decade ago, now is available to even those living in the rural areas. It helps us talk with our loved ones, even if they’re in the opposite region of the world. It also helps us do work and has done wonders for the productivity levels that the companies of today have achieved. However, there’s also another forgotten internet network that was introduced in 2012, but was pushed under the rough since then. Now Oppo might be bringing that technology back, as we may see Li-Fi make a comeback this year or the next one.

Li-Fi is basically the connection of the internet through the transmission of LED light, which has its own set of unique capabilities and needs. For starters, Li-Fi needs a photodetector in a phone which captures light and turns it into current. This Li-Fi module is actually visible on the outside, and you can see it in these patents filed by Oppo which were reported by LetsGoDigital.

Li-Fi: Will It Replace Wi-Fi?

Li-Fi is in a strange place currently, as it has a lot of potential to replace our conventional Wi-Fi network, but it still hasn’t cleared the hurdles that came its way since its introduction. Li-Fi can reach speeds that WiFi simply cannot, as a 100Mbps connection is a non-issue for the light based network, and it can even reach upto 10Gbps, which is absolutely insane. Moreover, the WiFi spectrum is getting saturated day by day, whereas there’s a lot of space to grow in the Li-Fi department, as it's purely LED based.

However, the technology poses its own setbacks as well. Since it’s a light based network, it won’t work in a dark room without LED sources. Moreover, you won’t get signals from another room or would get weak signals as light cannot travel through walls.

It’s interesting to see the introduction of Li-Fi in the smartphone world once again, and it presents the question whether or not this move by Oppo will give life to the Li-Fi technology again.

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