Oppo Smartwatch Review: As Premium As Apple

Aug 23, 2020 Reviews

Oppo Smartwatch Review: As Premium As Apple

Oppo is a relatively successful manufacturer that works mainly on smartphones. Their phones are well received globally, especially in the South Asian region with countries like Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. However, the Chinese manufacturer has realized that it’s time to develop their own ecosystem around their products as well, as they first released their own truly wireless earbuds - and now they’ve come out with their very own smartwatch. The Oppo smartwatch seems extremely promising, as it delivers well in the looks, performance and battery departments. Let’s get into our full review to see whether or not you should go for it or not.

Design & Build: Nails The iPhone Look

Oppo unapologetically looks like an Apple smartwatch - and it nails that look really well. The display on the watch is brilliant, with a bright AMOLED panel which gracefully curves around the edges into the aluminium steel frame. On the side you get two buttons, with one of them being programmable and can be identified with the green accent on it. The bottom of the watch is plastic, with the larger 46mm version of the smartwatch having a ceramic coating over the sensor area. The base 41mm variant continues with plastic at that spot as well.

The straps might be the only design aspect of the watch which you might have an issue with, as it seems to be made of silicone, and it could itch and feel too tight on your wrists. Apart from that though, the watch screams premium, as Oppo has done a great job with the build.

Performance & Features: Not Too Shabby!

The Oppo smartwatch works really smoothly and the main part to notice in the performance sector is the fluidity of everything. The watch works great with the 1GB RAM inside, and you can download plenty of apps as well due to the ample amount of storage provided in the watch. You also get support for NFC in the watch, which will help you make contactless payments - something that’s especially useful for the current times we’re in with the virus around us.

The battery aspect of the watch is great too, as a 430mAh battery unit helps it last a whole day and then some - which is seriously impressive considering the state of smartwatch batteries nowadays. A full 24 hours with heavy usage and AOD turned on won’t be an issue whatsoever for the Oppo smartwatch.

The watch isn’t as feature rich as you’d expect a top level smartwatch to be - and that’s okay since it doesn’t cost too much either. You get 5 different exercise modes in the watch, and the tracking of steps is also pretty accurate. You also get a wide array of other third party apps that are available in the watch through Wear OS, like a breathing exercise app, voice recorder and other Google apps as well like Calendar. Sleep tracking is also available in the watch, but strangely it works only from 8PM to 10AM - as if no one in the world sleeps past 10AM in the morning.


Unlike other good smartwatches, Oppo isn’t that expensive. The smartwatch from the Chinese company comes in at a retail price of $199, which is clearly a great deal to take advantage of. To put things in perspective, Apple currently sells its older and “budget” variant of Series 3 for that same price. If you want to get the best smartwatch for your Android phone, regardless of the price, then we’d suggest Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3. However, if price is a factor, then this is more than just a decent buy.

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