Oppo Smartwatch Releasing On 31st July

Jul 24, 2020 News

Oppo Smartwatch Releasing On 31st July

Oppo is mainly known for its smartphones and their unique aspects in that department. However, they look to try and test out new waters, as the Chinese manufacturer is now looking to put its feet in the smartwatch business as well. Oppo actually has released their own smartwatch in China for testing purposes back in March of this year, but they plan to bring it out globally for everyone to use on 31st July.

The smartwatch will consist of minor changes from its Chinese variant, as Oppo looks to make the watch more in line with the software and features that the other regions are acquainted with. For example, the Chinese version of the smartwatch consists of a local software inside. However, to better appeal to the western user base, Oppo will be opting for WearOS in the global variant of the watch. The watch comes with 8 different sport modes, including running, swimming, cycling and more. You also get a 21 day usage out of a single full charge, which is excellent for smartwatches. The charging speeds are no less either, as you can juice the watch upto 46% in just 15 minutes.

The global price of the watch is still unknown, but it’s expected to cost over 250 dollars globally. It may also come in different variants like the Chinese model, but Oppo may as well just opt for a single version depending on how they research on the global market.

Source: TechSina

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