Oppo Reno 4 Review: Right On The Money!

Jul 05, 2020 Reviews

Oppo Reno 4 Review: Right On The Money!

Oppo has slowly but surely gained their position as a respectable phone manufacturer in the market. It was firstly known only in China and the South Asian countries due to the affordability of the device and the appeal to the lower-mid range markets that are so heavily saturated in these countries and regions. However it has made its way to the global markets as well, as the company is being recognized in Europe and the USA as well. With releases like the Oppo Reno 2, the phone got real traction around the world from major tech journalists, and it’s been an uphill progress for the company since then. Now, we have on our hands the latest phone in the Oppo Reno lineup of devices, being the Reno 4. Let’s find out if it’s any good or not for the price it comes with.

The Good

The screen is the first thing that a person usually sees when they use the phone, and it needs to be decent at worst - but Oppo has done a fantastic job with the display on the Reno 4. The phone boasts a 6.4” AMOLED which is great for the 400-ish dollar price point that the phone comes at. You get bright and punchy colors from the display, with deep blacks and good contrast. Viewing angles are impressive as well, and the display can get plenty bright under direct sunlight as well. Oppo has a habit of including top-notch displays on their devices, and the Reno 4 follows suit as well.

Moving on, the performance side of things are above par on this device as well, with a Snapdragon 765G on board the Reno 4. The 765G can easily go head to head with last year’s 855 and even rival the 865 in some ways. It’s an efficient, 5G ready chipset, and delivers great performance for the lower price it comes with. You’ll be able to game easily on the phone at even the highest of settings, as you’ll get 60 FPS constantly throughout your playing experience. Day-to-day tasks like social media usage will also feel like a breeze.

The battery situation on the phone is excellent as well. You may wonder why we’d say that considering the phone only has a 4020 mAh battery cell inside, which by the standards of 2020 is slightly small. However, why would you worry about a slightly smaller battery when you have an absurd 65W Super VOOC fast charging on your smartphone? Want to know what difference that will make?

0 to 60%, in just… wait for it… 15 minutes - and a full 100% in just 36 minutes. That’s absolutely ludicrous by Oppo and it’s easy to say that they have the best fast charging technology in the world.

The Not So Good

Well, there isn’t much to dislike about the Reno 4 honestly. However, if we were to cherry pick the issues, then we would’ve liked to see the presence of a telephoto lens in the camera setup. The Reno 4 has triple cameras, with a 48MP main shooter, an 8MP ultra-wide and a 2MP black and white lens. A telephoto lens allows a whole lot of options while capturing photos, and its absence is surely something users will notice - but it doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker to us.


The Reno 4 from Oppo looks spectacular as a whole package, and seems to check all the boxes of a solid smartphone. You won’t find much better at a 400 dollar price range, and even if you do, then it won’t be that far ahead of this one.

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