Oppo Releases ColorOS 11 Alongside Android 11!

Sep 09, 2020 News

Oppo Releases ColorOS 11 Alongside Android 11!

Google just announced the official release of Android 11 for some select smartphones across the board, the first time this many manufacturers were actually given access to Android 11 on the day of its release - as that’s usually a Pixel only privilege. Now, phone companies are soon following with their own skin on top of Android to be released as well. Some manufacturers release their overlays separately, like Xiaomi has an individual timeline for MIUI 12 updates, and is independent of what Android brings to the table. However, Oppo isn’t, as BBK electronics’ manufacturers, which also includes OnePlus and Realme, are actually releasing their own updates to their overlays along with the release of Android 11. We also saw OnePlus release its open beta for OxygenOS 11 as well, and now Oppo has released ColorOS 11 too,

Previously, Oppo was running on ColorOS 7 as the latest OS for its smartphones on top of Android. Now, it’s jumping straight to ColorOS 11, to align with the count of Android 11. ColorOS’ latest version was actually available as a beta for the Find X2 and Reno3 in some regions - but some features were missing from the beta that were to be included in the final version, and now users will be able to see those changes for themselves.

The new Android 11 is bringing new features to the table - including bubble notifications, media player in the notification shade, one-time permissions from apps and a lot more. They’ve added little new features to improve the overall user experience, and it seems like a decent update altogether.

The live event for ColorOS 11 is scheduled to go on air from 09:00 GMT, as live streams will be available on the internet.

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