Oppo Find X2 Review: Good But Not Amazing

May 17, 2020 Reviews

Oppo Find X2 Review: Good But Not Amazing


Oppo has been in the smartphone game for a while now and is slowly gaining traction amongst the masses as well, thanks to phones like the Find X which helped massively in getting Oppo the recognition it had been searching for. The thing with phone manufacturers like Oppo is, if their flagship costs a thousand dollars, then people would rather buy a flagship from Samsung or Apple which are noticeably more well-known brands. So for a company like Oppo to shine, they either have to lower their prices, or include a unique feature that will attract people’s attention. With the original FInd X, they kept their prices high but included the sliding camera module, which helped it gain global popularity. This isn’t the case with the Find X2, and that’s why it hasn’t been talked about as much.

The Good

The Find X2 is overall a great phone, with all the top specs you’d expect at this price point. The same Snapdragon 865 chipset is included as it is seen in other flagships, and it ships with either 8 or 12 GB of RAM, both of which are totally enough for most types of usage. Moreover, the 120Hz refresh rate display helps in providing a blazing fast experience with the phone. You won’t have any issues with the performance whatsoever.

The screen is another positive aspect of Oppo’s flagship, being a FHD AMOLED display, with bright color reproduction. You won’t have to stress about outdoor visibility as well, as the screen can go well above 500 knits, which will be plenty for you to use the phone in bright sunlight with ease. The popular punch-hole design on the screen makes sure the phone is a 2020 flagship.

The battery life may not be the best-in-class, but the charging surely is, and that helps make a case for the FInd X2 to be a battery champ. The phone can go from 0 to 94% in just 30 minutes - yes, in JUST 30 minutes.

The Not So Good

Oppo Find X2 might have several positives, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t fall off in other categories as well. For starters, the phone’s cameras are just not as impressive as you’d expect at this price point. Don’t get us wrong, the setup is good - but good just doesn’t cut it at 1000 dollars. The cameras can take decent photos in the right lighting conditions, but the dynamic range and detail in shots could be better. Night shots are average, but the night mode does help significantly in improving the picture quality a tenfold.

Another negative that can be noticed is the below-par IP-54 rating, which just limits the phone to be splash-proof. You’ll need to be careful when using this phone in heavy rain as well.


The price is ultimately the biggest down point of the phone, as we feel like, with specifications that are now even on 400 dollar phones, the phone could’ve been a couple of hundred bucks less than what it is right now, at least. It checks most of the boxes, but we’d suggest you rather go for an S20 or a OnePlus 8 Pro instead.

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