Oppo F17 Soon to Hit Pakistani Market

Dec 09, 2020 News

Oppo F17 Soon to Hit Pakistani Market

Oppo has made quite the market for itself in Pakistan, as it has grown seemingly popular amongst the masses in the South Asian country over the last couple of years, as they have provided plenty of mid range options for the public to consider over other options. Their value for money game has been quite strong, hence they have gotten so much attention from the general public.

Talking about attention from the public, we recently also saw the release of the Oppo F17 Pro in Pakistan, as it came in the country as a great overall device, with impressive specs all across the board. The phone was officially released in Pakistan, and it gave Pakistani phone enthusiasts another great option to consider in the mid range phone department.

Now, the base variant of the F17 series is ready to launch in Pakistan as well, as Oppo gets ready to mark lots of sales for the Oppo F17 inside of Pakistan The phone will come with specs that seem impressive for the price right off the bat. Like Samsung, Oppo is focusing a lot on the phone’s display, which is why the Chinese phone maker gives you a 6.44” AMOLED panel coming in at Full HD+ resolution - so you can expect top of the line display performance, punchy colors and what not. Moving on, you get a great flat-screen design, with a faux leather back which just looks classy overall.

If we talk about performance, then you get a reliable Snapdragon 662 inside the phone - which to be frank won’t be the best performing chipset in the price range, but it will work decently if you’re not gaming heavily, and will provide a smooth performance throughout your usage with the phone. All of that will be powered by a 4,015mAh battery unit that you can charge at 30W fast charging - an impressive spec for the price.

All in all, the F17 looks promising to say the least, and seems to be a great buy for users who aren’t crazy about gaming.

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