Oppo F17 Pro Welcomes Stable ColorOS 11 Updates: New Features, Better Customisation

Nov 20, 2020 News

Oppo F17 Pro Welcomes Stable ColorOS 11 Updates: New Features, Better Customisation

The Oppo F17 Pro wasn’t released too far back, as it’s quite an impressive device for the price point it comes at, and seeing the value it offers for the price, it’s no surprise that the phone is so popular in a country like Pakistan, where the mid range market for smartphones is immensely saturated. The F17 Pro had quite a lot going on for it, including great hardware, display, cameras and a lot more to like about the phone. However, the software department of a phone is often overlooked while evaluating a device, and that shouldn’t be the case here, as the F17 Pro comes out as a winner.

The phone was running on a beta version of the ColorOS 11, which is Oppo’s own custom OS skin on top of Android - but now, Oppo just released the complete stable build of ColorOS11, which is based on top of Android 11, making the F17 Pro not only one of the cheapest smartphones with Android 11 on board, but also one of the first - as there aren’t many devices out there which come with Android 11 at the moment. This is definitely an impressive feat for the Oppo device.

oppo coloros 11

You don’t get a complete visual change from the jump in the OS, but you do get plenty of new features that will add to your overall usage experience on the F17 Pro. Firstly, you get multiple options of implementing dark mode on your device, as you can now choose to distinguish social apps from work related apps, and if you want a dark theme on one type of apps, and a light theme on the others. This is very thoughtful from Oppo.

Moreover, you also get a great customizable Always On Display screen, as you can build the AOD screen the way you want to, and it will appear like that when you lock your device up. All in all, you just get a smoother experience as a whole on the new OS from Oppo, as it will definitely add to the value of the F17 Pro if it didn’t already provide enough for the price.

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