Oppo Bringing New Waterfall Display Phone In Find X Series

Oct 11, 2020 News

Oppo Bringing New Waterfall Display Phone In Find X Series

The smartphone world is in that period of time where it isn’t really seeing much innovation in the field by manufacturers other than just upgraded specs. The designs have gotten stale, no new technology has been implemented as of yet - other than the in-display camera which we’re yet to see become commercialized. However, things might change in 2021, as several manufacturers are looking to change the game - and Oppo just might be one of them.

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Oppo is no stranger to innovation in the smartphone market - as it has had history with bringing new tech in the market when no one else was willing to experiment. The biggest example to that would be the Oppo Find X - the first phone without any interruptions in the screen, as there weren’t any bezels nor notches since the cameras were hidden using motors.

Now, in the Find X series, Oppo is looking to go a step further by bringing a new, waterfall display to the game. We don’t know what exactly that could mean, but there's a screen everywhere your eyes can see - even on the sides of the phone as the volume rockers and the power button are both expected to be digital buttons on the upcoming Oppo device.

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The new phone from Oppo will also have an in-display selfie shooter, which will be crucial in order to achieve the all-screen look that Oppo is going for in the phone. However, with the fact that there’s going to be screen all over your hands when you hold the phone - Oppo needs to make sure that their detection system for accidental touches is top-notch and sensitive, and will distinguish accidental touches from proper commands.

Oppo has apparently patented this design to its name, and will most likely use it for the upcoming Oppo Find X - and we surely can not wait for it!

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