Oppo A92 Review: Too Far Behind

Jul 27, 2020 Reviews

Oppo A92 Review: Too Far Behind

Oppo is slowly making ground in the smartphone market, as it releases new phones day in day out which appeal greatly to the market, especially in South Asia. Now, they’ve come out with the Oppo A92, which is a mid range device around the 300 dollar price range - but in the bigger picture, it doesn’t seem to be on par with the rest of its competitors. However, we’ll get more into the details as to why it doesn’t hold its own against others in this segment, and what qualities it lacks in this review of the Oppo A92.

The Good Stuff

The main standout feature of this phone is the display, as it comes with an IPS LCD 1080x2400 screen. Even though the A92 sports an LCD panel, it still is an impressive one, with a ppi of 405, and a max brightness of 480 nits. You get punchy colors on the display, as it also gets plenty bright outdoors as well. Oppo has certainly nailed this part of the phone.

The battery situation is decent as well, as you get a chunky 5000 mAh battery unit in the phone, which is going to easily last you a day of use considering the LCD panel as well. Even if you game heavily throughout the day, or use social media for hours continuously, the battery won’t run out, as you could even squeeze in 2 days of use if you’re a moderate user.

The Not So Good Stuff

Now, even though the battery itself is large, the charging speeds are poor on this phone, as it will take you over 2 hours to actually fully charge the device, despite the advertised 18W fast charging capabilities. Even charging from 50-100% is going to take over 1 and a half hours or so, which is ludicrous for a phone in 2020, even one that costs 300 bucks. It might have to do with the larger sized chipset in the phone.

Oppo A92 Mobile Nerve

Talking about the chipset, the performance that the A92 gets from its Snapdragon 665 is underwhelming as well, as the phone doesn’t even come close to other rivals in its segment. Phones from Realme and Xiaomi have entered into the 700 series, sporting either the 720G or 730G - but it’s disappointing to see Oppo still stuck on the 665 SoC, without really providing any incentives elsewhere inside the phone. You’ll notice occasional lags and stutters, and gaming will become difficult for you if you’re into that.


We suggest to look for other options in the price range, as we really can’t pick out any feature from the phone that would help put it over the likes of the Redmi Note 9 series, or the Realme 6. There’s a long way to go for Oppo if they continue things like this.

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