Oppo A72 5G Released

Jul 27, 2020 News

Oppo A72 5G Released

Oppo unveiled the A72 back in April of this year, and now after not so much time having been passed, they’ve also rolled out the A72 5G. Now we did cover the rumour of the A72 5G coming to market a week or so ago, and that’s because of the listing of the device that came up on GeekBench. Unlike a lot of other manufacturers, Oppo hasn’t just upgraded the 4G connectivity to 5G on this one, they’ve tweaked other specifications in the phone as well, which might make it feel like a completely different device overall.

The 5G seems like a totally revamped device, but not exactly for the better though. The chipset inside the device has been upgraded, as you get the MediaTek Dimensity 720G processor inside, instead of the Snapdragon 665 used in the base model. Moreover, the screen is now a 90Hz one, instead of the regular 60Hz display used in the normal A72. However, some features have been downgraded as well, surprisingly. The cameras have all been reduced in MP, as the primary shooter has gone down from 48MP in the original A72, to an underwhelming 16MP in the 5G variant. The battery has been reduced by around a 1000 mAh as well, as the newer model has a 4040 mAh unit as compared to the 5000 mAh one in the “lower end” version.

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The phone is already up for pre-orders in China, as it will go live on the 31st of July, with the pricing of about 270 Dollars. Oppo has taken a peculiar route with this device, as it’s a bag of mixed feelings, and it won’t necessarily be an upgrade if someone decides to switch from the A72 to the A72 5G.

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