OnePlus To Release A Smartwatch In The Near Future

Aug 29, 2020 News

OnePlus To Release A Smartwatch In The Near Future

OnePlus, although isn’t the biggest smartphone manufacturer, it surely is one of the most popular and loved phone companies in the world. It has one of the most loyal fans around, and that’s due to the consumer oriented approach of the company - as it has always aligned its mentality, devices and marketing according to the interests of the consumers. Their devices have always been (up until the OnePlus 8 series) affordable - much cheaper than the flagships in the market, however, still with top level specs. Now, it seems like the company is coming out with their own smartwatch as well, after the release of their very own truly wireless earbuds.

The talk about OnePlus’ smartwatch has been around for the past few years now, as people and journalists have speculated the possible release of a OnePlus smartwatch. However, it always ended in a disappointing way - without any such device being put out. Now, it seems like that saga might finally come to a positive outcome, as a device with the name “OnePlus Smartwatch” has been uploaded on IMDA - a regulatory authority.

No Details Yet, But Oppo Has A Smartwatch Too

Unfortunately, we don’t really have any updates or leaks about the upcoming smartwatch by OnePlus except that it’s going to be a smartwatch. However, OnePlus’ sister company Oppo recently released its own smartwatch - which does pack a lot of punch for the price it comes with. The Oppo watch itself is an Apple copycat in terms of looks though, as it adopts the square-ish watch head, premium materials all over and decent functionality.

Although it’s inevitable that OnePlus is going to implement its own design rather than copy from someone else - unlike Oppo.

Perfect Timing

If OnePlus were to release a new smartwatch, now would be a good time along with the roll out of the new OnePlus 8T devices that we will see in the fall period. The company a similar route when they released their wireless earbuds along with the release of the OnePlus 8 series - and it would make a lot of sense if they choose to put out the new smartwatch along with their upcoming devices too.

All in all, we just want a new OnePlus device - that’s all. The new Nord has been fantastic, perhaps up there with the best smartphone releases in 2020. We hope to get a smartwatch which offers every bit of the same OnePlus experience that we’ve grown accustomed over the years.

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