OnePlus Notes App Arrives To Play Store As An Early Access

Sep 10, 2020 App News

OnePlus Notes App Arrives To Play Store As An Early Access

We saw the release of Android 11 take place yesterday, as along with Android, a lot of the major phone manufacturers started releasing their versions of overlays on top of Android. This was of course only possible due to the fact that Google this time allowed several phone companies to get the Android 11 on their select phone devices on the same day of the release - something which was mostly a Pixel privilege back in the days.

OnePlus was one of those manufacturers given the pass, and got Android 11 access yesterday itself. The company didn’t wait at all to release their open beta of OxygenOS 11 alongside - as the update has only been available to the OnePlus 8 series as of now. 

OxygenOS 11 took a lot of criticism when it was being teased and rumoured, as people wanted to stick with the stock feel of the OS back in the days. Now, with the OxygenOS 11, the BBK electronics subsidiary has shifted slightly from the stock feel, and is going for a little more funky it seems. It’s bringing a bolder design pattern, one that brings an individual character rather than just fitting into plain old Android - something that Samsung has been doing for quite a while and has gotten plenty of love for too.

oneplus notes  oneplus notes  oneplus notes

Now, the Notes app by OnePlus has arrived on the Google Play Store as an Early Access app, as it’s finally a standalone app now rather than being built into the system. If you’re a OnePlus user with a phone before the 8 series, you might be able to get a preview of what the Notes app might look like with Android 11 with this early access app inside of the Play Store - as it’s available to download for free.

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to the new app, as it seems like there will be a polarizing response from the masses with some liking and some completely hating the new look. All in all, it works for functionality, and has improved features for that - so we can’t really complain about it.

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