OnePlus Nord's RAM, Cameras, Display Revealed

Jul 17, 2020 News

OnePlus Nord's RAM, Cameras, Display Revealed

OnePlus Nord has been one of the most hyped up phones of 2020, as there have been plenty of rumours and leaks about the phone that we’ve got in the past month or two. Now we finally have more news about the upcoming mid-ranger from OnePlus, including the RAM it will have, its display, and details about its camera sensors. Before we got to know what chipset the phone will have, then what it will look like and the fact that it will have dual front facing cameras - and now we have more intricate details about the phone everyone’s looking forward to.

The Nord will have a 90Hz refresh rate display, which is great to see at the sub-500 dollar price point that the phone will sit in. Moreover, it will also have a 180Hz sampling rate, which means it will take an input every 1/180 seconds, hence your touch will register the output a lot sooner than in normal displays, and the difference with this feature will be most seen by gamers. Moving on to the RAM, then we have news that the phone might consist of 12 gigs of RAM inside it, which is absolutely unheard of. Now it’s unknown whether or not the phone will have a 12GB, more expensive variant, or if it will be in the base version as well. The main camera is going to be a 48MP Sony IMX sensor, with an 8MP ultra-wide, a macro lens and a 5MP depth sensor as well. We’ll have to wait and see to find out whether or not the camera setup is any good or not.

The Nord seems like a promising phone uptil now, and will be available for release on the 21st of July, along with OnePlus’ earbuds as well. The only thing that’s missing from the news about the phone is its price, and we hope it’s nearer to the 400 dollar mark rather than the 500 price point.

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